About Me

Hi there and thanks for visiting my bog.

My name is Melanie Roberts and I’m a part time blogger and full time stay at home mom. Living in beautiful rural Vermont is great but sometimes it can feel a bit detached from the world so I decided to start up this little blog to share my ideas, hopes, aspirations and experiences.

I particularly love writing and discovering more about alternative health but, having run my own business in the past I also have a lot to say (as you will find out) about business, issues, finance and even a bit of scienceĀ  though I don’t claim to be a tech head.

My kids are my inspiration and I have a deep sense of spirituality oh, .. and did I mention the cats.

You will no doubt meet my other babies – willow, tabby, blackmore and spoot – yes, I really love cats.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my blog and, of course, if you have any feedback, would like to share your experiences or if you just want to say hi then please get in touch.

Love and Peace