DePuy Knee Loosening Lawsuit Alleges Company Knew of Defects for Several Years

On February 1st, a Kentucky man filed the most current DePuy Attune knee suit against Warsaw, Indiana-based DePuy Orthopedics, alleging that faulty design of the Attune knee implants directed to tibia loosening and device failure. Look at this web-site to find more about DePuy Knee Lawsuit.

DePuy Knee Loosening Lawsuit Alleges Company Knew of Defects for Several Years

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Lawyers expect tens of thousands or more instances will gradually be registered and likely will be merged to a class-action type multidistrict litigation court.

Implant Loosening leads to Revision Surgery

In the case of Robert Long, he underwent a total right knee replacement operation in 2015 close to his home in Somerset, Kentucky and received a DePuy Attune knee implant in the procedure.

After just a year or so, Mr. Long began suffering persistent and severe pain, difficulty walking, and trouble with equilibrium. His physician performed x-rays which revealed the lower portion of his knee implant, the tibial baseplate, had become unglued from his tibia bone.

Both he and his physicians stated they would never have used the Attune implant if they'd understood it had been prone to loosening. However, DePuy did not disclose these risks despite having years of advice they had been neglecting.

Greater Failure Rates With Attune Knee Implants

DePuy Orthopedics boasted the revolutionary Attune knee implant took years to conceptualize and cost roughly $200 million in product development and research. In actuality, they called it their biggest product development ever.

And, in the years since it had been approved by the FDA in 2010, nearly 400,000 patients worldwide have been fitted with Attune knee implants. 

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