Nautical Holidays – Croatia Yacht Charter

Croatian waters are a part of Adriatic Sea, witch extends northwest involving 40° along with 45° 45′ and can be a part of a Mediterranean ocean. The charter price includes charter of a yacht using its own equipment and complete insurance for your crew and yacht.

The most lovely part of Adriatic shore for yacht charter is located in Croatia. You will find 5,835 km of shoreline, where 1,777 km are mainland and more than 4,000 km of shoreline belongs to tens of thousands of beautiful islands that can be an ideal scene for enjoying the nautical vacations.

If you are planning a trip to Croatia and book your amazing packages at with affordable prices.

Yacht charter Croatia

  • Charter service is bound to hand-over at yours refuge fully outfitted, faultless, together with complete fuel and water tanks at the specified period and location.
  • When there’s a reason that leasing firm did not fulfill above-mentioned requirements you’ve got the right to request cash refund, for the times that he hasn’t been utilizing the yacht.
  • The chartered yacht with full gear can be utilized just after the payment has been frequently settled: You also must produce a security deposit, even once you’re taking over your yacht.
  • The security deposit will be reimbursed in its entire amount, unless there’s damage or a defect on the yacht or even the gear, and unless there aren’t any claims filed or declared as to you by third persons, that can be joined to the use of this yacht.

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