Safety Tips For Using Cable Drum Stand

A cable drum stand provides support for rolled cables. The cable is hoisted onto to a cable drum and then that drumis put on the stand.  Much like the cables on it, the drum stand is a heavy and large structure so you must work around it with care and caution.


Here are a few safety tips to follow when using cable drum stands: 

1. Wear Protective Gear

Don’t forget to wear protective gear such as thick, sturdy gloves when handling or moving cable drum roller stands.The gloves will shield your hands from sustaining any injuries. They will also ensure that you have a firm grip to maneuver and handle the large stand; thus, minimizing any occurrence of accident or injuries in case the drum was to slip from your grasp.

2. Protect your feet as well

When you are operating or handling a cable drum stand,accidents can occur any time and while you have worn gloves, your feet may still be at risk of sustaining injuries. To ensure that your feet remain unharmed as a result of any accidental injury, do not forget to wear protective footwear such as work man boots.

3. A helmet for safety is a must

Continuing with shielding yourself in case of accidents, you should never forget to wear a safety helmet that protects your skull from sustaining any serious injuries or any other kind of head injuries.

Everyone is prone to be affected by accidents.Therefore, taking necessary precautions is not just an added benefit but mandatory at work sites.

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