Searching For Balikbayan Box Shipping Companies

There are a lot of Filipinos living in foreign countries who are generally working there to help their loved ones back at home. They do their best to work hard and endure the loneliness, difficulties and homesickness just to provide their family with a better future. This is a common story for families there that it has become the norm.

Aside from sending money to their loved ones at home, they also ship some items they have bought for their family members. They do this by taking advantage of the Balikbayan box shipping services which is available in most countries where several Filipinos are there. These are shipped by freight forwarding companies to Philippines and are delivered to the homes of the recipients.

These boxes might contain items that the sender think will be appreciated by the recipient, whether these could be bought there cheaply or not. Or it might be something the recipients have requested them to buy for them or for other family members. This includes designer clothing, toys, electronics, toiletries, non perishable food and objects not available in the Philippines.

A balikbayan box which is intended for traveling on air is designed to follow the restrictions in airline luggage and several Filipino stores are selling them. Some boxes have side handles or cloth cover while others are secured tightly with rope or tape. So it should not be confused with ordinary moving pack which is wrapped lightly.

One reason people prefer to use this is because of their economic value since it lets various items be shipped in bulked. This is unlike the process of sending smaller boxes individually through postal services that are usually more expensive. This disadvantage though is the transit time being longer through container ship and arrives several weeks after.

If ever you require this kind of service then search for companies offering to send your packages to your home country in online search engines. Remember to specify where you are located when you are searching online for them to filter the results into showing those nearby ones only. Doing so excludes those from other places and make it easier to list down your choices.

You can also request for some recommendations from your friends, associates and relatives who have tried their services before. They would tell you about their experience in using their service and if they were satisfied with the results. Knowing this information is an advantage because it is helpful in narrowing down your possible choices further.

Find out more regarding these companies by doing a little background research on them and obtain details like their capabilities, experience and expertise in this service. You could also visit several review sites and see what is being said by the other people who tried it. Reading these reviews is helpful in making it easier for you to decide on which one of them.

Inquire how much does it cost for letting them send the package. This usually depends on the size of the box you want them to ship. Ask also the estimated number of days it will arrive.

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