Secluded honeymoon for the newly married couple

The first thing that each couple wishes for after their tiring and long wedding affairs, is sometimes to just them where they can kick start their married life with knowing each other a little better. Honeymoons are just meant for the peace and time where the couple can live on and enjoy only each other’s company and not have to attend other people and family members.


Limited number of guests at the east bedarra island retreat

The east bedarra island retreat is one of the most suitable places for honeymoon as it just serves the purpose. The couple not only gets time to themselves, they also get access to private beaches, luxury rooms and 24 hour food service to help them live these days to the fullest and also assure that it is nothing short of luxury. Every couple deserves the luxury and some quality alone time before they get into the responsibilities of being a married couple.

Perfect getaway for any couple

Apart from the newly married couples, the others can also take a trip to this beautiful location to de-stress and get away from the monotonous city life. Such trips completely help one rejuvenate and unwind. In the fast moving lives, even a couple finds it hard to manage time for each other and that may lead to difficulties. It is thus always better to take a few trips and catch up with each other.

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