Some Blind Date Tips to Make Your First Date Perfect

Ok, so you've been out of the dating scene for a while. Your friends are always trying to fix you up with some eligible guy, espousing that person's many virtues which make the two of you a perfect match. Most people, when faced with a blind date setup are, naturally, quite suspicious. “If this person is all you say, why aren't they already dating somebody else?” This may or may not be a legitimate argument. On the other hand, maybe they have qualities you like, such as being soft-spoken or choosy in the people they're interested in dating. If you trust a friend making the blind date suggestion, then what have you got to lose? Here, we've put together a list of womens dating tips to help you make the most of that date.

1.Adopt a positive attitude towards meeting someone new. You may find you share common interest which make for interesting conversation in a comfortable, not awkward interaction. While this person may not be that true love you're ultimately seeking, you may make a good friend.

2.Our list of blind date tips wouldn't be complete without mentioning the other side of the coin. Certainly, not every blind date is going to result in finding your soul mate. However, it's an opportunity to engage in an afternoon's or evening's entertainment, allowing you to learn a little more about other people, their perspectives on life and what 'makes them tick'. Even if you find you don't enjoy their company at all, you'll at least walk away with a few new insights on humanity and what you are seeking in a relationship.

3.Some blind date tips apply to any date. For example, any date arrangement requires at least a phone call to setup a time and place to meet. This gives you a brief opportunity to make a superficial assessment of your potential date. Remember that you're trying to meet people whose company you enjoy. If you hate football and the phone – or face to face conversation – consist of nothing but football, why waste your time or theirs? Find a tactful way to let them know you may not 'click'. 

4.Our fourth item on the list of dating advice for women is don't try to be someone you're not. Be yourself. You're not out to impress a virtual stranger with all the qualities you have in common, or how much they should desire to meet you. No one will be fooled in the end.

In summary, most blind dates don't turn into the everlasting romance. However, going with the guidelines set out in our blind date tips, will result in some new experiences, a few friends, and a broader sense of sense of society. Then again…who knows, you may meet that perfect soul mate

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