Finding Drop Shippers for Shopify Stores

Selling on Shopify is the current 'big thing' online – there are tutorials all over YouTube, constant emails about how people are making millions a month and all the usual stuff.  But selling online is not new – there have been successful e-commerce stores for quite some time.  So where do they find reliable and low priced suppliers?  For a long answer check out this Worldwide Brands review, but for just the key points read on.

Shopify comes with some impressive apps – like Oberlo, which allows you to connect directly with sellers on wholesaler marketplace and import products directly to your store, and even manage orders through the app.

That's a great tool for getting a shop set up fast, but there are two potential problems with buying from suppliers in China through

1. The delivery times are really long – sometimes as much as 45 days

2. The quality of some products can be low

So while this is a great strategy for trend products and new online stores, for larger and more long term businesses wholesaler directories like Salehoo and Worldwide Brands may be more useful.

Worldwide Brands and Salehoo both have about 8,000 drop shippers and wholesalers listed, and millions of products, although Worldwide Brands lists ten times the number Salehoo does.

These are great sources of products for new Shopify stores as well – so make sure you check out the leading directories as well as easy to use apps like Oberlo.