The Danger Of Discounts And How To Avoid Them

With the rise of printable coupons, some common defenses are being used for discounting by the salespersons and the retailers. There are also various ways to curb them. The first excuse is that the customer demanded for a discount. Clients will always ask for discounts no matter what they are buying. However, they rarely demand for one. If you find one demanding for it, that means the sales person lacks business discipline. To avoid this, it’s good to provide the salespersons with scripts which have questions and answers to help them communicate effectively with the customers, know what their needs are and uncover what value the products have to the consumers.

Another common excuse you will hear is that our competitors were cheaper. This is true in most cases but unless you are selling a specific product, that cannot be the determining factor in a purchase decision. This might indicate that your business does not have something unique. In such a case, you should make sure that your business has something unique. Convince your customers to see that unique feature in your line of products or how you carry your business.

They are not smart enough to get the discount is another excuse most salespersons make. It’s an excuse that is mostly made by salespersons who don’t care about their customers. As a shopper make sure to avoid these kinds of sales because and always go for the persons who care about their customers.

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