Unique wedding experience with Kombi


Kombi vans or earlier known as the ‘Coast 58’ are cute and vintage vans that are great addition to any special occasion. The weddings these days have become about expensive cars and decorations. People must realize that the little ways also contribute in making the wedding day special. A fun way to add some uniqueness to one’s day is by hiring a kombi van. The bride and groom could arrive on the van. The kombis are great photo props!

Incorporate kombis in the photo shoot

Wedding photo shoots are a common affair and most couples love to get pictures for themselves. The kombi van can be a great prop for wedding pictures. The van colors are soothing and are perfect when used in day time. The photographers can use the van in different ways to click beautiful pictures of the couple with their friends and family. We have seen most brides click beautiful pictures with their bridesmaids in the cute kombi vans.

Get booking information on website

The process of taking the vans on rent is quite simple. The interested people can send in an enquiry and the service agency will get back. The rental agreement is quite simple and of course rent depends on the model and on the time, the van is taken for use. Women generally tend to love the cute colorful vans as their wedding props and vehicles. The driver can also drive around the married couple to the desired destination.

Get the kombi byron bay and make your photos look dreamy!

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