What are Aerial Work Platforms Used For?

Aerial work platforms (AWP) consist of a group of machines that include elevated work platforms, mobile elevated work platforms and aerial lifts. These machines are also known as scissor lifts or cherry pickers andare used for various construction and maintenance purposes. Some of those tasks are described below.

Courtesy:American Training Resources

1. Construction and Building Maintenance

Different types of aerial lifts and elevated work platforms Australia are used for building and maintenance purposes on construction sites. These are basically used for maintaining the cooling and heating units, piping and ducts that are constructed at a height. They are also used to build the main structure of a building. 

2. Window Repair/Washing

These machines are commonly used for cleaning and repairing windows at the top of the buildings. Usually boom lifts, telescopic boom lifts and aerial lifts are used for this purpose. They are designed to keep a bucket or basket at the end of the boom and are equipped to reach windows at the top most floor of a building.

3. Electrical Line Repair

Elevated platforms are also used for repairing electrical lines. The most commonly used type of elevated platform for electrical work is the telescopic boom lift. This is because they are specially designed to reach out far with the help of a long boom. They require two or more men to repair electrical lines. One of them drives the machine while the other stands in the bucket to assess electrical lines.

Interesting fact, AWPare also used for repairing and constructing huge roller coaster rides.

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