What Do Sore Spots Mean In Reflexology?

When getting a reflexology session done on either the feet or hands, or both, there may be some sore areas that make the reciever wince or jump. Another person may have pressure applied to the same area and have no reaction at all. Many wonder why a certain reflex is sore on them, but not sore on someone else. The answer is that everyone is different, and that your feet reflect the health status of the rest of the body. Everyone has different problems, and this manifests in the feet. If you live in the Tucson area, schedule an appointment here to see what areas are tender on your feet.

If a person has back pain, this often shows up as a tender area in the spine reflex, and if someone has problem with blood sugar control, this can manifest as a sensitive pancreas reflex. In other words, the health of the body is represented in the feet. The feet act as a mirror to the rest of the body. The same can also be said with the hands, as there are reflexes there as well. The reflexes on the hands are harder to target since the hands are smaller than the feet, so everything is more compressed. But, with enough probing, sore spots can be found on the hands as well.

It is important to note that sore reflexes are not a diagnosis of a medical condition. Reflexology isn't used for diagnosis, instead it is used to provide support to areas of the body that may be in need of it. Any notice of a tender reflex by a reflexologist is merely an evaluation of the reflex, and not a diagnosis of a health condition. 

Once a tender reflex is found, the goal becomes to work it out, as the tenderness is believed to be a reflection of an area elsewhere in the body that needs support. Stimulating the reflex stimulates the corresponding area or organ. Sometimes it takes one session, other times it takes 10 or more. How long it takes for a tender reflex to resolve usually depends on how long the corresponding area has been in need of support.

Some people are unable to feel tender reflexes because they are on strong painkillers or have nerve damage, brain damage, herniated disc, or some other type of problem that causes little to no feeling in their feet. It is rare to find someone without any tender reflexes on their feet. Visit this website to give reflexology a try in Tucson, AZ.

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